t.w. CZ Jewelry Set is a model of jewelry that has four parts for men and women, which is named t.w. CZ One2One Jewelry Set. This model is designed by Korean artist Jung Eun Seong who used the body to create this set of jewelry which consists of over 17000 pieces of Cz stones, Damascus steel wires and gems. In one sentence, it was created purely from the artistry of human body with all its beauty even its imperfections and someone that exactly reflect’s an individual personality or style just like a fingerprint on a person’s personality..

Features of t.w. CZ Jewelry Set

1. Cz Stones

t.w. CZ Jewelry Set is named as t.w. CZ One2One Jewelry Set because each part has a different type of Cz stones like: diamond, rubies, emeralds and sapphires which have been embedded in the body artistically by using the body as a mold to create the set of jewelry. So there are 4 models of jewelry sets available for men and women which have different types of stones embedded in them (1st series- Men set, 2nd series- Women set, 3rd series- Children’s set and 4th series- Wedding Series).

2. Damascus Steel Wire

Damascus steel wire is used in t.w. CZ Jewelry Set as a frame of the jewelry, which is made by 100% pure steel and hard to break or cut because most of the steel wires are processed with Damascus steel with 1625 layers which looks like a tiger pattern if they are processed with thousands of layers. So this wire is also used in making suits and dresses so that it forms a perfect shape. There are two types of Damascus patterns used in t.w.- one is ‘tiger pattern’ and another one is ‘lion pattern’.

3. Cz stones are embedded in the human body for art and design

The t.w. CZ One2One Jewelry Set is a jewelry set that has been designed by using the human body as a mold to create the model of jewelry (pieces) which has very intricate and beautiful work done with all its beauty and imperfections, as “No two people are exactly alike”.