Women’s sunglasses are an essential accessory to any woman’s closet, and whether you wear them to protect your eyes from the sun, or to protect yourself from the judgment of passers-by, they can be essential in protecting you from the harsh glare of reality and getting you through long hours at work or school. Sunglasses can also improve your look by framing your face in the best possible way, which is why it’s important to know about some stylish women’s sunglasses that will take your style game to new heights.

1. The Kirby

Looking for a pair of sunglasses that won’t break the bank and are still stylish? Look no further than The Kirby from PAIRE, an online retailer of affordable sunglasses for men and women. PAIRE offers a wide selection of PAIREyewear, which are the company’s line of very affordable and stylish sunglasses made from plastic. They have a wide variety of styles in their Kirby range, from aviator to rounded classic to even Kate Spade-inspired designs.

2. The Larkin

The Larkin is another pair from PAIRE’s Kirby line that offers the best of modern design and affordability. Its thinner frame and classic shape will flatter men and women alike, while its black base and green reflective lens make it very stylish without breaking the bank.

3. The Wanda

If you’re in the market for the perfect pair of blue aviators that are both stylish and cost-effective, The Wanda could be the perfect pair for you. Featuring a dark pink frame that accentuates your eyes, The Wanda is inspired by designer Marc Jacobs’ Aviators (shown below), which have been worn by many celebrities over the years.

4. The Ella

The Ella is another pair from PAIRE’s Kirby line that features a dark blue frame with a green lens. It’s designed to be as stylish as it is affordable, and you won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on it.

5. The Finley

Finley is a PAIREyewear classic with its black frame and brown lens, giving it an easily-recognizable look. It’s a simple design that will look great on anyone, making it perfect for everyone from the everyday woman to the office professional.

6. The Casper

The Casper from PAIRE is a very stylish pair of sunglasses that also happens to be very affordable. They’re modeled after the classic aviator shape and feature a tortoise-shell frame with a pink lens for a look that’s both flirty and fashionable.