1.Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment

This lip sleeping mask from Ilia uses papaya enzymes in order to actively slough away dead skin to help keep your lips plump, soft and healthy. You can leave it on at night or even during the day thanks to its non-sticky texture and shine that will stay put. This treatment is affordable at $26.

2.Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm

If you're someone that isn't too keen on wearing lipsticks but needs a touch of color but dislikes the feeling of flaky skin on the lips at the end of the day, this $28 hydrating lip balm is your versatile hero.

3.Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil

This hydrating balm and lip oil goes for only $26 can hydrate and nourish your lips worn all on its own or even under another balm to seal in the hyaluronic acid. Each color is deep and muted enough to complement all skin tones.

4.Lip Wrap Reviving Balm

This glossy and hydrating lip treatment balm is affordable at $24, locking in moisture thanks to its ingredients of hyaluronic acid and Salicornia. It's nourishing and provides enough shine to double as a lip gloss.

5.Color Block Lipstick

The Ilia Color Block Lipsticks are for women who like to wear make up without neglecting the health of their lips. Formulated with castor seed oil, this lipstick aims to hydrate and plump while being worn and only for $28.

6.Balmy Nights Lip Exfoliator

This gentle exfoliator from Ilia that goes for just $26 can be an initial treatment to your lips to ensure that all other balms, oils or treatments penetrate effectively into the skin by removing dead and flaky skin.

7.Color Haze Cream Blush and Lip Color

This versatile product formulated with Jojoba seed oil and coconut oil aim to moisturize and lock in moisture to the two areas you can apply it to. This formula stays dewy on the cheeks for a glossy and youthful effect, while it stays matte and behaved on the lips, priced at $32.