It would be fair to say that a pair of pearl earrings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can have in your jewelry box. Whether your pearl earrings are faux or real does not matter so much.

Buying natural pearls is next to impossible. They are very hard to come find both in stores and online. Most pearl earrings these days are made using faux pearls.

When Can I Wear Pearl Earrings?

Pearl earrings are great for wearing at any time. They look great together with casual outfits including jeans. Can you wear them with an evening dress? There is absolutely no reason why not. Pearls pick up on natural light and enhances any outfit for day or evening wear.

Can I Wear Pearls Together With Other Jewelry?

You may have noticed that many ladies do not only wear pearl earrings. You often see them worn in combinations with other jewelry such as pearl necklaces and bracelets.

On top of that. you will also see pearls embedded in watches. Using pearls is a great way of enhancing the face of any watch. Many watch makers like pearls as there are many creative ways of using them. As mentioned, you can use them on the face of the watch, surround or on the strap.

Why Are Pearls So Popular Again?

Pearls did go out of fashion for a while. However, what makes faux pearls so wonderful, is that you can add different color nuances to them. For the first time, you can buy natural pearl earrings or choose pair that have been enhanced with a different color.

Final Thoughts

Pearl earrings are a must have. The choice online is pretty endless. Why not buy at least a couple of pairs to make sure you have a selection to choose from when you need to dress up an outfit.