The right suitcase can make or break your next vacation, no matter how far you travel and where you go. The wrong one can result in hours of frustration as you struggle to pack and unpack, damaging your clothing and the suitcase itself. However, with the right tools and tips, finding the perfect luggage doesn’t have to be difficult, so take a look at these suitcases you should add to your wardrobe today.

1. Hybrid Check-In Medium

Considering that you’re reading this list on a medium-sized screen, it’s safe to assume you’re not a frequent flier. Instead of consistently checking-in your suitcase at the airport, grab one that lets you save yourself time and money. The Hybrid Check-In Medium is perfect for travelers who still want to experience the benefits of wheeled luggage without the hassle and cost of check-ins.

2. Hybrid Check-In Large

Despite the name, the Hybrid Check-In Large is actually a 2017 travel product design. Considering that it’s made for bigger suitcases, it has all of the benefits of the original but with a few more inclusions. First off, you have your full sized wheels for smooth and easy movement. This means you can check it in without worrying about scratching the finish. It also comes with an additional side pocket for larger items and expandable handles to make maneuvering much easier than with other wheels.

3. Hybrid Trunk

For those doing even more traveling, the Hybrid Trunk is perfect for you. Measuring at 25 x 16 x 11”, it comes with the same options as its smaller siblings including reinforced handles and four-wheel movement. It also meets TSA carry-on requirements and has a removable tray to keep your small items safer. The large wheels allow for smooth transportation from one air terminal to another.

4. Luggage Cover

The Luggage Cover comes with a few more options than the other cases in this list, but it definitely has its benefits. The largest benefit is that since it’s so thick, no one will ever be able to tell what’s inside. It also has a removable lining that allows you to switch out the cover whenever you want. This means you can show off your personal style without worrying about damaging your suitcases.

5. Carry-On Pro

When you’re traveling to six different countries in one week, your carry-on luggage will have to be able to survive the abuse of an international airport. Make sure your Luggage Carry-On Pro is up for the challenge by adding reinforced corners, a TSA-approved locking zipper and hooks for your hanging bags. The design features an ergonomic handle and is both lightweight and affordable.

6. Carry-On Pro Plus

The Carry-On Pro Plus is two inches larger than the standard Carry-On Pro, so it can handle even more of your gear. Although it follows the same design guidelines, the expanded size opens up more options for those traveling with a large collection of clothing and accessories.

7. Hybrid Carry-On

For those who travel to less-populated areas, the Hybrid Carry-On is the perfect way to keep your suitcase safe and secure. Measuring at just 23 x 13 x 10”, it has a large size that’s comfortable for extended travel. The reinforced corners and light weight make for easy handling with enough room for all of your gear.