It’s no secret that children don’t grow as fast as we’d like them to, so you’ll probably be in the market for some new clothes within the next year or two! This might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be when you stick with these tips for shopping for kid’s clothing. They’ll help ensure that the clothes you get are the ones your child will love, and that they’ll last long enough to make it worth your while!

1. HF1001GD Kids Heavy Fleece Jacket

The type of clothing worn by children is often very similar to that worn by adults, and this jacket can help you get the most out of a child's clothing budget. With a kids heavy fleece jacket, your child can get all the protection she needs whether it's for rainy days or for playtime. The material is soft and comfortable, so she will love wearing it on their adventures.

2. F1097CB Kids Flex Fleece Color Block Zip Hoodie

This is the perfect hoodie for your son! It can be dressed up or down, making it ideal for playtime, school or even just a trip to the park. Your son will love wearing this lightweight, comfortable hoodie everywhere he goes.

3. Kids Cotton Spandex Legging

These are leggings made with the softest cotton and spandex fabric, making them super comfortable for your daughter to wear. They're great for playtime or any time when she'd like to be in something with a little more give than a tight pair of jeans.

4. Kids Cotton Spandex Bike Shorts

These lightweight bike shorts are both comfortable and stylish. They have a breathable fabric to keep her cool while she's having fun and a moisture wicking material to keep sweat at bay during more active play.

5. Kids Heavy Jersey Dress

These kids jersey dresses are great for playing or going out, and they're made of a micro-polyester/cotton blend, which can be machine washed with no shrinkage. They're super soft and comfortable, making your daughter very happy!

6. Kids Heavy Jersey Shorts

These are great for playtime or just to dress up their jeans! These kids shorts are made of a lightweight micro-polyester/cotton blend, so they're soft and breathable. They can be machine washed with no shrinkage, so your daughter will love them for years to come!

7. Kids 50/50 Rib Ringer T

This kids ringer t-shirt is perfect for them to wear under their jackets or sweaters! It's made from a 50/50 cotton-poly blend, so it's soft and comfy. It will also keep them warm when the temperature drops.

8. Kids 50/50 Rib Pant

This kids pajama pant set is made of a 50/50 cotton-poly blend that's incredibly soft and comfy for your daughter. It even has a drawstring waist for a comfortable fit when she's wearing them.