These eight watch band straps bring fashion to a whole new level.

1. Guy Harvey Slammed Apple Watch Band

Do you want your watch bands full of color and personality? This item is for you. A dominant blue marlin design has material that's ultimately breathable and serves as an awesome outdoor companion to treks and adventures.

2. Marvel Leather Apple Watch Band

Marvel and comic fans should definitely get this one. A sizeable Marvel logo adorns the top of the band, printed in a classic leather brown color. Show your love to the niche and enjoy breathable and flexible silicon for all-day wearing comfort.

3. Guy Harvey Tropical Turtle Apple Watch Band

Add this strap to your collection and watch as every person you meet or talk to comment on how awesome your band is. The green and yellow combination really pops, and it's super breathable so your wrist stays dry.

4. Spider-Man Leather Apple Watch Band

This Apple Watch Band combines stylish leather and one of the most recognized superheroes of all time. A Spider-Man logo is emblazoned prominently on top, and the leather is a hybrid of classic leather and breathable material on the inside. It's compatible with all Apple Watch models, too.

5. Apple Watch Band NFL Minnesota Vikings Black

Show your team spirit with this cool watch band for your Apple Watch. The purple logo is distinctive and visible at any given angle, and exclusive technology makes you feel like you're wearing a super flexible strap throughout the day.

6. Brave- Katie Van Slyke Signature Apple Watch Band

Get a piece of your favorite artist's collection with this special Apple Watch band. The social media influencer definitely knows how to turn heads, and does so with a beautiful pastel blue and patterned brown stylings. The camouflage effect is a must-witness!

7. Wanderlust - Apple Watch Band

Wanderlust is aptly named, because you'll want to travel and go places with a comfortable watch band for your smartwatch. A white background serves as a nice canvas for patterned diamonds colored blue, gray and moss green.

8. Carrera Marble - Apple Watch Band

Subtle marble texture adorns the surface of this magnificent smart watch strap, but the inside is comfortable and made from breathable components. A low-profile buckle accentuates the band when worn so it looks like a continuous line. Plus, it's sturdy enough that you can wear it every day without any problems.