Having a good set of accessories, pouches, and storage items are mandatory if you enjoy staying organized and keeping things protected. There is a wide selection of men’s accessories that fit the bill and if you are looking for high-quality products that are worth spending money on, here are 8 great examples.

1. Zip Sunglass Case

Usually, we store sunglasses in a bag or somewhere inside the car with little if any protection. If you care about your sunglasses and want to protect them from scratches, you need to get something like the Zip Sunglass Case from Leatherology.

2. Deluxe Watch Case

If you own just one watch, you may not need a watch case. However, if you own several, you need to keep them in a protected environment, safe from dust and moisture. The Deluxe Watch case is a great choice that provides proper protection in a luxurious storage box.

3. Square Valet Tray

A valet tray is something that most men do not think about getting but it is one of those men's accessories that can be extremely useful. Designed as a small tray, the product is made using genuine leather and features foldable side walls.

4. Soft Eyeglass Case

The Soft Eyeglass Case is similar to the zippered one but without the zipper. Not having the zipper means that you are less likely to scratch the glasses when closing the zipper or damage anything else inside your bag.

5. Rectangle Keychain

Not everyone likes a colorful or silly keychain. If you are looking for men's accessories that are more masculine, the rectangle keychain from Leatherology fits the bill. It is a practical keychain with a small leather tag and a metal clip.

6. Valet Snap Keychain

The Valent Snap Keychain is an even more practical model from Leatherology. What makes it a better choice is the button snap loop at one of the ends that allows you to easily add or remove keys.

7. Small Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is something that you would often need but never have around. The Small Measuring Tape from Leatherology comes in a premium leather case and premium packaging. It is easy to use and features a hidden button that retracts the tape.

8. Watch Box

The Watch Box from Leatherology is one of their most appreciated men's accessories. Covered in leather with soft padding and four compartments inside, the box provides adequate storage for your watches. It is sturdy enough to pack in a trolley and it is very easy to clean.