You don’t know how much women treasure their wallets. It’s an item where they invest the most. It’s where they put their most precious belongings like personal IDs, ATM cards, and cash. It’s also where they express themselves. They want a wallet with lots of pockets but not a bulky one. If you’re wondering what wallets would women like, here are the 7 best women’s wallets in 2022. These all came from Bellroy which is a great brand for women’s wallets.

1. Folio Mini

This is a pocket-sized wallet. It's so compact and small that is very convenient to use. It can accommodate a lot of things such as cards, bills, IDs, and coins. It can hold up to 12 cards! It also has separate sections for bills and cards so they stay organized inside the wallet.

2. Coin Wallet

When you look at the wallet from the outside, you'll be mesmerized by its simplicity. When you open the wallet, you'll even be captivated by its unique design. Inside are sections designed especially for your coins, bills, and cards. The section that holds the coin has a magnetic closure.

3. Zip Wallet

Nothing is as assuring as a wallet locked with a zipper. This wallet can assure you that all your treasures are kept securely inside the wallet. Inside the wallet is a section for your bills. There are also small pockets for your cards. One great thing about this wallet is that no matter how much you put inside, it won't be bulky.

4. Travel Wallet

It's normal for women to have lots of wallets. They have wallets mainly for coins. There are wallets mainly for bills. This wallet is for when you go travel. It can hold even your passport and plane tickets. It features a hidden compartment for bills and cash. It also has card slots for your IDs.

5. Card Sleeve

This is a wallet mainly for cards. Although you put a lot of cards inside it, it will remain compact and thin. This can hold up to 8 cards. It also has a separate section for your bills. However, bills will only fit inside it if you fold them.

6. Flip Case

This best matches with mysterious women out there. This wallet offers ninja-like access to your cards inside. This can hold up to 8 cards with your bills. It has two separate sections for them. What's great about this wallet is its slim and molded hardshell which adds another protection to your bills and cards.

7. Card Pocket

This is designed mainly for cards but you can also use this for your bills. You just have to fold them to fit inside the wallet. You can also use this for your coins. This can hold up to more than 15 cards. All of them are secured with zipper closure.

8. Folio

This probably might be the best wallet for women. It can hold everything from cash to cards to flat bills. What's great about this is that you don't have to fold the bills anymore to fit them inside the wallet. This can even hold your cellphone.