As summer gets closer and closer, so do all the fun ways to spend your time in the sun. This year, make sure to stock up on some cute new sun tops that’ll keep you comfortable and chic as you enjoy your warmer weather getaways. Here are sun tops you need in your collection for the upcoming summer season.

1. The Tortoise Sun Top

As we head into the hottest days of summer, it’s important to wear something that offers complete coverage and protection. If you’re going to be outdoors for long periods of time, you want something that will keep you comfortable in addition to protecting your skin.

2. The Ocean Blue Sun Top

With its tropical print and soft, breezy feel, this top is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Show off your curves in a pretty blue color with this cute sun top that’s lightweight but still offers serious coverage.

3. The Coca-Cola® Sun Top for The Larkin

Many people enjoy a cold drink on warm days and when you’re outside, nothing beats the cool refresh of a classic Coca-Cola®. The soft grey color of this sun top will make you feel cooler at any outdoor event and it’s stylish enough to turn heads even on the busiest beach day.

4. The Rainbow Mermaid Sun Top for The Larkin

The mermaid is a popular look for women of all ages and with its bright rainbow colors, this top will make you feel like a mermaid in no time. It’s durable enough to last through your beach vacation and it looks great with any pair of cobalt blue bottoms.

5. The Wood Grain Sun Top for The Larkin

If you’re planning to spend some time in the great outdoors this summer, bring along The Wood Grain sun top to protect your skin from the sun. Its natural design will help you blend into nature while its lightweight feel will keep you comfortable on even the hottest summer days.

6. Black Sun Top for The Larkin

In the summer, you want a sun top that offers the ultimate in UV protection. This black sun top is going to give you that protection while also looking classy and gorgeous with any set of bottoms. Use this top on your next beach vacation or even an outdoor concert this summer.

7. Matcha Split Sun Top for The Larkin

Go green and feel the benefits with this awesome sun top. You can dress it up or down for any outdoor activity and it’s completely effective at defending you from harmful rays. The taupe color will go with any wardrobe and it’ll keep you cool all day.