Every woman knows that eyebrows are crucial. They frame your eyes and make a world of difference in your appearance. Choosing an eyebrow pencil is vital, but you need to consider a few things before just grabbing the first one you can find at the store.

Thickness of the Pencil

You need to find an eyebrow pencil that is not too wide and not too thin, so finding the perfect fit is vital to your success. If you use a pencil that is too thick, you will need to keep plucking until it becomes thinner. The result might be a smaller-looking eyebrow. Thin pencils sometimes break easily. Try pencils with medium thickness. These usually work best for most people. A good way to find out about the pencil’s thickness before buying it is by reading customer reviews available online or in stores regarding the product.

Color of the Pencil

You need to select a color that blends with your hair color but also has a little bit of contrast. Eyebrows fade as you age, so you do not want to use an eyebrow pencil that is the same color as your hair. Try selecting a shade that is slightly lighter than your hair color, but at the same time darker than the skin around your eyes.


The eyebrow pencil you choose should not have a strong fragrance, because this can irritate your skin over time and make you more prone to having allergic reactions such as hives and rashes.


The price of the eyebrow pencil you choose is based on the quality and durability of the product. There are several eyebrow pencils that cost less than $5, but you have to be careful in choosing one of these because quality is usually not as great as it is with eyebrow pencils that cost more than $10.

In conclusion, there are several factors you need to consider when choosing an eyebrow pencil. The main reason that many women have trouble selecting is because they do not have any idea as to what they should be looking for in a pencil. As long as you do not choose a pencil based on what it is being advertised as, but instead based on its quality and performance, you will be very successful in your choice of eyebrow pencil.