Traveling is a great way to expand your horizon and enhance your sense of satisfaction. However, it can often be challenging especially if you don’t have a reliable suitcase that will serve as your companion. To ensure a great travel experience, here are 8 durable and fashionable suitcases that will allow you to comfortably travel in style.

1. The Carry-On

Whether you're planning to travel by car, train, or plane, the Carry-On is an excellent companion. Aside from its amazing features, the suitcase also comes in a limited edition two-tone color variation that's stylishly fashionable.

2. The Carry-On: Aluminum Edition

Keep your fragile belongings protected by choosing the Carry-On: Aluminum Edition. With its durable and reliable aluminum hard shell, you won't have to worry about the contents of your suitcase even if it gets squished in a train or plane compartment. Since it's made with aluminum material, it will lessen the chances of your suitcase getting lost because it is easily identifiable.

3. The Carry-On Flex

As most travelers would agree, packing for a vacation is one thing but packing your suitcase again to return home can be more challenging. Make space for your souvenirs and other trip memorabilia with the Carry-On Flex that features a zipper expansion. With an additional 6 cm space, you will feel as if you purchased a new suitcase since you will be bringing a bigger one home.

4. The Daily Carry-On with Pocket

The best thing about this suitcase is that it features an external pocket where you can stash your laptop and other necessities that you need easy access to. With its unique and ingenious design, the Daily Carry-On with Pocket is all you need to accompany you on your short travels.

5. The Carry-On with Pocket

If the Daily Carry-On with Pocket is too small for you, then opt for a regular-sized Carry-On with Pocket suitcase that can fit a 15" laptop in its exterior pocket. The exterior pocket also offers a convenient way to store your phone, passport, boarding pass, or any other important documents.

6. The Bigger Carry-On with Pocket

When it comes to longer travels, you can never go wrong with the Bigger Carry-On with Pocket which measures 22.7" x 14.7" x 9.6" and can fit up to 9 outfits. Once you tried using this amazing suitcase, you will not be able to help but wonder how you survived traveling without it because it is definitely everything that you need.

7. The Bigger Carry-On: Aluminum Edition

If you admire the unique aesthetics of the Carry-On: Aluminum Edition, then consider pairing it with a bigger version which will provide you more space for all your travel essentials.

8. The Large: Aluminum Edition

If you're planning for a much longer vacation, then the Large: Aluminum Edition is a suitcase that you can definitely rely on. It also features an interior compression system as well as a hidden laundry bag that will surely come in handy.