If you don’t own a pair of earrings yet or you’re looking for one to add to your jewelry collection, you might find this article helpful. Sometimes finding a good pair of earrings can be tedious. Choosing the prettiest among them is difficult especially if you have tons of options to choose from. To narrow down your choices, here are 8 earrings for women that you might want to have.

1. Gold Classic Huggies

This pair of earrings can be worn every day. This is the type you go for when you want to have a pair that you can wear anytime and anywhere. They are simple yet exude elegance because of their golden structure. This is 8 mm but don't ever estimate the charm that it can give.

2. Shimmer Bag Huggies

These earrings feature a bar of small diamond stones. This adds shine and shimmer to the earrings. You can wear this to parties because it matches with glitter on your dress and the bright lights in the place.

3. Chain Huggies

These earrings feature a unique design. The chain is the highlight of these. These are easy to wear despite looking a little bit complicated. It has a bar stud to lock the chain on your ear. These are made of gold and can be worn with your other earrings.

4. Statement Hoops

These hoops will complete your party outfit. If you need some style and edge to your outfit wear these. This is a bit larger than a penny. It's big enough to be noticed and for you to catch anyone's attention. It's also made of gold.

5. Coin Huggies

The earring features a small coin of gold. This acts like the pendant of the earring. It's small in size but purely made of gold. The earring is 0.5 inches in diameter. The gold coin dangling on it is 0.75 inches in diameter.

6. Knot Earrings

These earrings feature a knot design. The chain of gold creates a dramatic look. You might be discouraged from buying these thinking they weigh heavy but no, these earrings are lightweight. The earring is 2 inches long.

7. Opalite Double Huggies

This earring hugs your ear. Aside from that, it also features an opalite stone. This stone is an emblem of youthful optimism, resilience, and playfulness. Stones on earrings also create appeal and additional charm.

8. Pearl Huggies

Jewelry with pearls on them is top-tier. These earrings feature large pearl charms that dangle on the hook. The pearl is the same size as the loop. You can wear these on formal occasions or to parties with your white dress.