Clothing is about style, functionality, comfort, and reliability. If you are looking for men’s shorts that fit the bill and do a bit of everything, you need to look at premium-quality models. However, higher quality clothing does not mean it has to be prohibitive in terms of pricing. Here are 7 examples of great men’s shorts that are well-made and affordable at the same time.

7. Vantage Short

The Vantage Short is a multipurpose model that can be used for sports activities or around the home. They are designed using a thin but durable fabric, with a striped pattern and UPF protection. The model is available in four different colors and multiple sizes.

6. Stryver Short

If you are looking for a pair of men's shorts that focus on comfort above anything else, the Stryver shorts may prove to be a decent choice. Made out of a blend of durable and soft fabrics, the shorts are both durable and easy to wear.

5. Kruiser Short

The Kruiser short is the kind of short that you can wear for all types of occasions. It features a modern design, premium fabric, and great colors to choose from. The shorts are made to be worn all day long and have several pockets on the side for extra practicality.

4. Renegade Krux

If you like shorts that are designed to be durable and take a serious beating, you need to consider the Renegade Krux. The shorts are made from a durable fabric that does not tear and has an anti-abrasion texture that makes them very comfortable to wear.

3. Rambler

The Rambler is a pair of men's shorts that have a simple yet modern design. They are suitable for men of all ages and can be worn with all types of shoes for casual and sports activities. Made from a durable fabric, the shorts are excellent for long walks and hot summer days.

2. Upriser Short

For a more youthful look, you need to keep an eye out for shorts that have patterns and simple designs. The Uprise short is an excellent choice due to their simple striped pattern and soft fabric. They are available in 3 different colors and all of them feature a similar pattern.

1. Ambush Cargo Short

When it comes to men's shorts, very few models beat a classic cargo design. The Ambush Cargo Short offers large side pockets for storage, a soft yet resilient fabric, and a modern camo pattern. They are made to be easy to wear, lightweight, and dry quickly.